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About Us

Blinq is a B2B Fintech, offering services in bill and payment aggregation space. It provides end-to-end digital bill presentment, payment collection and settlement solutions for businesses of all sizes. We enable businesses to present bills and collect payments in the easiest, fastest and safest way. 

We are redefining the way businesses transact by providing a wide range of payment options through our multiple strategic partnerships, hence providing seamless collection experiences to our valued customers.

Whether you have fixed amount recurring payments, a pay-as-you-go business or one-off payments, we ensure that you have the most comprehensive payment mix to collect payments off all sorts through Blinq.

Our easy-to-use dashboards and developer friendly API make Blinq a powerful platform for everyone from innovative start-ups to blue chip corporations.

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Key Features

Flexible & Automated Billing

Setup flexible payment plans to offer your customers the optimal billing experience 

Payment Links​

Send payment links to your customers to
request payment.

Schedule Repeat Invoicing

Simply schedule the different billing periods and each recurring invoice is automated with personalized payment notifications via Email and/or SMS

Online Dashboard

See an instant and insightful overview of your business health with Blinq cohesive and interactive dashboards and reports.

Automated Collections

​Manage due payments with our automated reminder feature that optimize payment collection

Friendly Integration

Integrate seamlessly into our API, prebuilt plugins or alternatively, just use our portal to collect your payments


Automatic Reconciliation

Simplify and accelerate how you reconcile transactions. Automatically sync Blinq with your accounting system or use Blinq to export transaction details

Improve Cash Flow

Take flexible payments from your customer preferred payment method and reduce late payments and failed transactions

Minimize Employee Workload

Blinq hands-off approach to recurring fee collections take the burden off your employee’s shoulders. The need for follow-ups is reduced and employees can then turn their focus elsewhere. 

Flexible Payment Plans

Blinq empowers your staff to negotiate personalized repayment terms for customers based on rules you establish. 

Improve Customer Retention

Establish an ongoing relationship with your customers. Blinq increases merchant stickiness and gives your customers the simplest way to pay for their bills. 

Make paying simple

Reduce barriers to purchase your product or service with our variety of payment features. 

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